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Challenges of Property Division

Understand the difference between marital estate and separate property. The first step is to make sure all property and liabilities are identified.

Property Division

Property division is not a simple 50/50 split.

The court will look at the separate property, marital property and each spouse’s contribution to the estate. It is extremely important to arrive at a divorce property division settlement that you are satisfied with because, except in very rare instances, it cannot be modified once the Judgment of Divorce is entered.

The following is a beginning list to consider in property division.

Marital home
Retirement portfolios or stock
Jointly held accounts or debts
Vehicles and other assets
Investment accounts or property
Family business Assets
Jewelry and other valuables



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From our very first meeting, Dave had a way of putting my worst fears to rest!  He is always available and is easy to talk to.
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